Our services

DW Sports Management is an athlete representation firm providing but not limited too such services as pre draft preparation, contract negotiation, financial guidance, tax advice, lifestyle consulting and marketing opportunities. We understand what it takes to reach your goals as an athlete, our commitment and dedication to our clients is unparallel. We don't look at each client we work with as a business partnership, to us, the relationship can and will only succeed once we have created a family like bond with our athletes. Our relationships do not end when your career concludes, rather we build life lasting connection that spread far beyond the football field. We don't strive to be the biggest and the best agency in professional football, rather we strive to be the most honest and trustworthy name in sports.

DW Sports Management ensures that our clients maximize their potential on draft day. All marketing materials are prepared for clients such as but not limited to player profile, video highlights and media releases. These are distributed to professional football teams, their coaches and scouts as well as to media outlets across the country.

DW Sports clients are prepared physically and mentally for the NFL Combine. DW Sports offers clients an extensive list of specialized athletic trainers in their area of choice and will advise them to choose a trainer tailored to their athletic needs. Additionally, for those clients desiring to train in the South Florida area, DW Sports established their own in house training program with former NFL Linebacker, Tyronne Pruitt, C.S.C.S. who has trained numerous 1st, 2nd and 3rd round NFL draft picks. Tyronne has also trained numerous other professional and collegiate athletes.

Contract negotiation

A paramount DW Sports goal for all clients is to negotiate the most lucrative contract possible. Current market trends and values are followed closely to ensure maximizing a client's financial return. Contracts include but are not limited to the following: Base Salary, Signing Bonus, Roster Bonus, Work Out Incentives, Playing Incentives, Pro Bowl and Playoff Incentives.

Marketing and Endorsments

DW Sports assist clients with increasing net worth off the playing field as well. The company strategies development of our client's public image by creating customized marketing plans geared toward each player's unique background. Plans are focused on local, regional and national networks. We also assist in acquiring the best possible endorsement opportunities attainable. After the last eligible game played, DW Sports implements a video marketing campaign to send endorsement companies. This increases name recognition and popularity. Interviews on television, radio, magazines, newspapers and on-line are scheduled. Following the initial marketing push, emphasis is then placed on endorsement opportunities with clothing and shoe companies, automobile manufacturers, mobile phone and other companies as well as appearances at certain trade shows and conventions. The goal of the marketing campaign is to create an additional revenue stream outside of the athletic arena.

Political career

DW Sports assistance continues after your athletic career has been completed. We work closely with clients to help them plan for the days when their contributions are made from outside a playing field. Many athletes desire to give back to their high school, college or professional town community. DW Sports personnel have backgrounds in non-profit and foundation work. DWSports can and will assist clients with starting their own foundation or donor advised charitable fund. We encourage clients to remain involved in their local communities and can help arrange participation in charity events and appearances.